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Advantages With Us

Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your project


Cash Infusion

CCUS fuels growth by giving you the capital needed to develop and pay off amounts quickly. We have the financial resources to do so.



CCUS can supply the talent your business is lacking. These are typically hands-on groups who help  you meet new business goals to maximize company  value. They provide experts who will roll up their sleeves and work along side you whether that means launching construction companies, General contract, woman minority owned businesses, secure tax credits. Or other essential needs for your business.



We have a network of worldwide connections that will help us complete any construction or development project financially, Securing a government contract or filing some other essential needs in your business.


Commitment to Success

CCUS has their own invested interests in making sure your business does well. If CCUS acquires to invest in your company you can rely on the commitment to ensure its future is successful.


Construction material and Equipment

CCUS has a network of companies they have invested in. Equipment rental, heavy equipment rental, Cranes and Rigging. Can be locked in on a yearly contract to help offset cost.


Proven Returns

Partnership has been proven over the years to allow you to do what you do best develop the property or project at your expertise. CCUS can provide financial expertise and management of these properties and share in the profitability that you have.

"We know that a Strong Partner and alliance relationships are based on the foundation of mutual respect, trust and goals. Why do we know this? the true partnering concept is in our DNA. Since the very beginning we have embraced the partnering mindset. "

-CCUS Inc.

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